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Monday, March 16, 2015

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling...

You have to make up your mind to be happy no matter what is going on around you. 
This can be a most formidable task at times, but it can be accomplished with persistence and thought control.
It takes persistent practice at controlling your thoughts in order to be happy in spite of the negativity that is so prevailing in our world. 
You have to control your thoughts or your thoughts will start to bombard you with worry and plague your mind with fear of the future. 
Don't allow this to happen. 
Keep your thoughts focused on the here and now.
In addition, learn to say 
"screw it." 
That's right, just say screw it. 
Most of the things that rob people of their happiness are not that important. When these minor irritations come to mind, just say, 
"Screw it. It is not a big deal," and move on. 
I can guarantee you that in the overall scheme of things, it truly is not a big deal. It is just life. Don't let it bother you.
Make it your main goal in life to be happy, no matter what is going on in your life. 
Think about it. 
Will being unhappy change things for the better? 
Will it help solve your problems? 
Of course not. 
Being unhappy serves no purpose except to prevent you from enjoying your life, which is way too short not to enjoy. 
As the popular song from the 80's stated, Don't worry; be happy! 


"Don't take life seriously, it's not like you are going to get out of it alive"
This is, world wide common sense...