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Thursday, March 19, 2015


“Don’t ask what the world needs. 
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. 
Because what the world needs 
is people who have come alive.”
- Howard Thurman

Find something that you love to do, and do it every day. Find a way of making a living out of it, of making your life an expression of it. Remember that when you focus on the destination, you miss the journey, which is where all of life is. 
True contentment will not come in the future by waiting for it but by knowing who you truly are today, being that, and living that, and that is how futures are born.

Yes, the fears will come, the doubts, the 'buts', the 'should not' and the 'I cannot'. Yes, fear is to be expected and embraced and integrated. 
The mind will say all kinds of things because it wants only want it knows and what it can predict, and it fears change and ultimately death, but know that you are not the mind, and mind is fully entitled to say whatever it likes, for it is not in control of the vastness of You.
Fear is not a block, resistance cannot stop the unstoppable flow that creates galaxies and makes the birds sing, and the objections of the mind are only objections to change. 

But change is the way of things, not the enemy, and a life fully lived that ends in glorious failure is infinitely preferable to a life half-lived that ends in empty success, and stagnant pools of unloved cash.

What is success anyway?

We have confused profit with prosperity, success with statistics, and many people now live only for profit and status, but it is an empty profit, a profit haunted by fear and loss and ultimately ruin, a profit dependent on uncontrollable outer circumstances.

Do what you love, die into life, and you will know true and dependable prosperity beyond profit, the prosperity that no amount of profit can buy, and no loss of profit can destroy. 
The mind, which operates in the realm of profit and loss, cause and effect, time and space, will fear loss of profit, loss of image, loss of security, and will always long for more profit. 

Acknowledge the fear and the greed, do not make them into the enemy, but let your focus be on your prosperity and the prosperity of those around you, on what you love, on your truth, and do not let anything become an excuse to neglect your deepest calling, that which pulls you effortlessly on wards.

Do what you love without distraction. Aligned with life, and you will be open to opportunity, to unexpected help appearing along the way. You will learn to live not by the schedule of the mind and its stories, but by your own inner schedule, the schedule of the comets and stars, an ancient schedule of deep peace and true contentment.
You will be so in love with what you do that you will lose all fear of absence of money altogether, and trust will replace fear, and out of this fertilizer of absolute trust, enough money will grow, or at least the means to support yourself, or at least the willingness to be supported as you find your footing.

In unexpected ways, support will come, connections will happen somehow, the right people and circumstances will appear, and things will start to flow. The flow is what is important, not the outcome. You will learn patience and trust.

There are no commands here, no 'shoulds'. These are only little invitations from one who has walked this path, loving reminders to open up to your own vastness, 
to set the heart free, 
to dance and sing and create and be what you have always known yourself to be.

Life itself, pregnant with creative potential, 
the potential that exploded as the Big Bang, 
the potential that has forever inscribed tales of tremendous adventures on the walls of your heart, 
the potential that still explodes as every thought, every sensation, every feeling. 

Live the life you love, because you may only have today, and nobody else can live it for you, and you will get tired of waiting.
When we turn towards the present moment, however powerfully the storm rages, with a spirit of curiosity, gentleness and honesty, we may just discover unexpected gifts.

When you focus on the destination,
you end up missing the journey,
which is where all of life is.
True contentment
does not come
through waiting
or striving.
It is not a destination,
a place to reach in the future.
True contentment
means knowing who you truly are -
being it, living it, walking it, today,
and letting go of all your tomorrows.
And that is how futures are born,
from a deep embrace of today,
a love of the ground.