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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Go where you're relevant. Leave where you're not.

Hang out with folks you resonate with. That's part of it, for me. Resonance gives me a clue sometimes. But sometimes nothing is resonating at the moment but something tells me to stay put - that it's still relevant for me to stay. It's a body-centric kind of knowing.

The main thing for me is, when it's clear I'm not relevant, I need to leave. On a more serious note, though, some of us 'fit in' less than others. 

This is always a challenge for me if I think it means there's something 'wrong' with me. It just means I'm me, uniquely me. 
That you don't often feel yourself truly resonating with others could simply mean that you are profoundly sensitive to energy and vibration and notice as soon as something is off. This is a wonderful and challenging capability. 
Treasure it, even as it sometimes seems like a torment.

Only you know when to leave and when to stay and it sometimes has nothing to do with whether you're feeling seen or heard or understood. 

Be your own source of love, trust, freedom and understanding, and you'll be able to continue to give and serve in love no matter the opposition or condemnation.
Everything can be experienced in a positive manner. 

But sometimes discomfort is not a trustworthy marker for whether to stay or go or whether to open up or shut down. 

Sometimes the best time to stay and open up is when you are most uncomfortable.
he term "highly sensitive person" has become much more familiar to me, as of late...! Sensitivity can indeed be a gift!