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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I’ve tried pouring love into people that don't have the capacity for empathy and it made zero impact so I’m just curious about that... the majority of people are able to empathize, myself as empathy.

Empathy should be taught and reflected in primary school, a mandatory subject. 

They taught me geography and that doesn't seem to have made much of a difference. But what I have learned about inner geography through empathic process has made all the difference. 

Imagine if we had an empathy hour every week, where we turn to the person nearest to us, whoever they are, and just empathically hold the space for their story for 30 minutes, and then they hold the space for ours for another 30 minutes.

Teach children to be aware and not deny their own feelings and give them the space and guidance to express them appropriately and then they won’t go around denying others feelings because they have learnt not to deny their own.

This would be great, I want to think empathy can be taught, or if it’s an emotional response to others but I wonder, though, if modelling it to children wouldn't have a meaningful impact. 
Perhaps simply having them received with an empathic response may well alter one's brain chemistry.

We certainly responded kindly to each other's kindness and respectful presence. Maybe our neural pathways open and imprint to repeated episodes like the dripping power of water. 
I believe they do.

There is a profound difference between being empathy and being empathetic. They are related, but not identical.
I want to believe it can be taught, just observing people tells me differently. I do believe the brain can change.

Modelling and teaching are also vastly different. Children feel when connections are authentic but our spectrum of responses varies based on past imprints. 
Whether humans can "go there", only they can ever choose. 
As we become emotionally able, cognitively ready or heart opened enough to do so. 

Power and force are also worlds apart as is active learning with prioritise choice and the vast array of questions that begs for an individual. 
Nature/nurture, intrinsic/extrinsic, teaching/learning. 
Paradox everywhere.

I am just very curious about the difference between being born with the ability vs. having it taught to us....I remember being very little and feeling great empathy for those around me and receiving very little, so it wasn't ever taught to me, I am just curious what it would be if I had been also exposed to it. 
It seemed that I possessed a quality inherently and it wasn't a learned behaviour, just a really fascinating thread of discussion.

Maybe like any other living thing, nourish it, show empathy, listen.. I see more people choosing to get in touch with their own spirituality and question the essence of their belief systems, there are so many people spending so much money trying to get in touch with their inner self that so evades their conscious mind, failing... and only to end up wearing it on their sleeves. 

At least it’s a start toward how they show their children/ grandchildren to accept empathy into their concept, 
To observe simple beauty if even if a tiny flower growing out of a dry crevice in cement and walk around it, past that into a deeper interest in other being around them, so much so the comfort zone grows to include acceptance of others so different from ourselves... 

I believe it is growing, I am watching it happen, I think the social climate we live in is having more people search for something more in the midst of a loud selfish uncaring temporary world, innate human nature needs more.