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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It is such a masked world! There is such healing in being able to speak our truth.

"A depressed, messed up pilot takes his issues out on a plane load of innocents, and people express surprise that the company he works for didn't know. 
I understand the need to point fingers, but I don't know what anyone who walks past me on the street is thinking or feeling. It is such a masked world! 
What surprises me is that it doesn't happen more often, given the society wide prohibition against owning and admitting our personal issues, our shadow, our emotional pain and confusion. 
There is no one answer to the madness of the world, but I am certain that developing a practice of inviting- rather than shunning- people to share their pain with each other would go a long way to easing the suffering on this planet. 
There is so much misplaced aggression, much of it because we are conditioned to repress our anger, our grief, and our confusion, in the name of social acceptability. 
For God's sake>>>>>
When are we going to give others permission to take off their masks, disguises and adaptations and share their truths with their fellow humans? 
When are we going to realize that we are all in this together, that we are all hiding something fundamentally human below a needless bushel of shame? 
When are we going to sit down together and share our shadow freely, like friends on a confusing journey through time? 
It's like this giant avoid-fest that does little more than perpetuate suffering and insane behaviour. I assure you- there are no thoughts, feelings or issues that someone else hasn't experienced. 
We are all travelling down similar roads. It's time for a new paradigm that begins by throwing our masks in the garbage and inviting one another to share our truths, warts and all. 
Invited Self-Revealing and Lovingly Supported Release would be a wonderful place to begin a truly authentic new earth." - Jeff B

Sadly it is worsening when now we have psychologists saying "creative people are mentally ill." 

The study gets generalized and then a cloud is thrown over creative people, when once it used to be seen as "artistic and open."

When we push the envelope further and SHOW people these so-called "demons" the world can relate. The world can understand. 
If they don't, it's because they deny their very selves and the shadow. The shadow self is something to be understood if it is to be accepted and expressed. 
Expressing it can be a very creative process, though not always easy.

I'm not saying this man could have been saved at his point. But had he a healthy outlet for his depression earlier on I think it may had been avoided ultimately and the irony is that it was creative thinkers that developed the models they work from.

They now also say that being an introvert and liking a more reclusive lifestyle means you are mentally ill. I'm not downsizing mental illness but come on, just because I'd rather be at home than out in public all the time should not qualify me as a possible person with mental issues...
I don't think that everything should be a disorder, every person is different and feels differently about life, the bigger problem is a society that labels those that do not fall into what that society deems acceptable conformed is more like what they want. 

Controlling the masses is a big business to be in these days!

And eliminating the reliance on psychotropic’s as a first line of defence. As far as I can tell the common denominator in these cases is not uncomfortable states of being so much as it is the pills or maybe it’s probably both.  
The emphasis on psychographics is a tremendous contributor.
The mental illness spectrum is broad. 
As those who suffer from depression know, it's difficult enough to deal with on its own; making it the poster condition for anyone who acts outside "the norm" only makes it harder for us to be open and accepting of our own condition.