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Monday, April 27, 2015


You can't get 'there' from here. You are always here. It is always Now.
Even when you get 'there', even when you reach your 'future destination', you stop, and take a look, and realize that you are here, and it is Now. The sense of 'being here' follows you wherever you go. In fact, in your deepest essence, you ARE that sense of 'being here'.
Even when you get 'there', your own presence shines more brightly than anything.
We become so focused on 'getting there', on reaching the destination, that we actually disconnect from where we are. 'Getting there', feeling that we are 'there', becomes way more important, or special, or sacred, or desired, than being here, feeling that we are here.
We believe that when we 'get there', we will finally be able to rest, relax, feel at home, at peace, content, complete, whole, in our right place. When we get 'there' we can finally stop striving to get 'there', and just be here!
Ironically, we only want to get 'there' to end the struggle of trying to get 'there'. We just want to feel 'here'.
It gets so exhausting, doesn't it, running away from where we are.
The secret? Feel here now.
When you're present, you'll feel that you are already 'there', wherever you are. Because you're here at last! You've dropped into your own presence, your true home. You're awake and alive to the Now; undivided from Source. And from this place, anything is possible, and the journey seems more effortless.
Travel without moving, friend. The fastest way to there, is here.