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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I gain very little by forming opinions about people I am not. It seems, even, I lose a bit of something I am.

The personality? 
That changes with every frame? 
How can we keep up? 
Can you be anything other than yourself?

Forming opinions about people is a basic survival mechanism that none of us can avoid. Humans do it automatically and often unconsciously. 
Casting our natural tendencies in a negative light only serves to shame the gullible.

Yes, there's a diminishment that seems to accompany these kinds of judgement, feeling like we first have to shrink ourselves to a mean and narrow point of view in order to believe them.

Forming opinions is the only way of showing how limited we are...
I don't have the option to escape being human and still be alive. Forming opinions is so natural we barely even notice that we're doing it all the time.
I try to limit opinions to things and people I have repeated experience with. I try to let the world tell me what it wants to tell me. 
It works alright most of the time.
The root of ‘opinion’ comes from think, or believes. Over time, the word usage has grown to be more about judgment and the merit of the same, rather than simply having random thoughts. 
People can suspend judgment/opinion even if they have experienced certain kinds of thoughts. 
Who are you without your opinions? 
Without opinions we are a lot less boring and annoying. It takes a lot more guts to say, "I don't know" than to pretend you do. 
It's also very liberating to accept that you don't know and never really will.

Some people's minds are so dark and gloomy the light chases these dull minds away.