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Monday, April 13, 2015

I was asked; "Is every Human Being in your religion absolutely Equal in every way?

First; I don't believe in the word 'religion' nor religion for that matter... 
My belief that there is a higher power than us and most of us call IT 'god'. No matter what name you have given to IT, there's only ONE and that is my take.
People with religion are divided into many sects. Each sect thinks they are higher to other in status of being close to Creator. 
I would like to add that no religion in this world grants equal status to its follower. After all religion is a political doctrine of mass control.
Second; What do you mean by 'Equal'? There are many ways in which two people are obviously not equal.
"equal does not mean the same" or
Doesn't it?
What does it mean, then? That is the definition I know.
When you're talking about people and not objects, yes it’s different. When talking about people and equality it’s more of everyone has the same opportunities and isn't prejudiced or discriminated against because of who they are all humans are equal in human dignity.
I think it wrong to start going to some sameness definition with the intention of interchanging one for the other
We are all unique individually but our human dignity is always equal.
People are individuals, how can they possibly be equal?
We have equal rights, and we should be respected always, but people are not equal in every way.
That communist idea is ludicrous.
Equality is a slippery term like Democracy or Liberalism. Political equality is vague enough and equality is even more vague. Have to get a little less nebulous then we can talk.
People are unique and individual with varied talents....how we live our lives and even live our religion is kind of up to us as humans.
The main teaching about dignity is there whether you like it or not.
Here is a weird thought every single person holds a unique set of beliefs. I seriously doubt anyone agrees with another person on literally everything.
Every person thinks their opinions at the current moment are right otherwise they wouldn't hold that opinion.
In such a situation at most one person in the world has all the correct opinions and it is likely that no one is right is about everything.
Either you won the opinion lottery or maybe some of your opinions might be wrong. We should keep an open mind.
We should be always open to criticism of our ideas and should be open minded to amend them if really needed.
No person in this world can have all the correct opinion. 
It’s just our perspective to things. 

We can never compare two people perspectives for given circumstances.