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Friday, April 3, 2015

Don't look for a princess in need of saving. Search for a queen willing to fight by your side.

Many men search for a woman who needs to be saved for one reason or another, instead of searching for a strong woman who can stand on her own. 
It makes them feel needed and in control of things. But, constantly having to baby someone can, and will, get old after a while.
The wise man will look for a woman who is strong, someone who will stand by your side instead of standing behind you. 
Search for the queen who has enough self-esteem to fight by your side instead of always hoping that you will save her.
Of course, the gentleman will do his best to save her, period, no matter what type of woman she is. But, in the long run, having someone in your life that you can depend on when you are weak, is better than having all of the responsibility, all of the time. 
A princess will not give an opinion, but a strong woman will give you her opinion, and it will be full of knowledge and wisdom.
Don't be scared away by a strong woman. 
She will be there when you need her. 
She will support you when you are weak. 
She will add to your life instead of always expecting you to add to hers only. 
She will make you more confident, stronger, and less stressed. 
And, in the end, you will be glad that you picked someone who has a backbone, spirit, and intelligence, instead of someone who is weak and depends on you all the time for everything.