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Monday, April 20, 2015

Be the observer...allow whatever is there, to be there.

Death and life have become two sides of the same coin, they are one, inextricably woven into the fabric of living. 
Death grounds us in life's rhythms. 
The moment is precious, rich, heartfelt longing fulfilled as both these concepts of life and death recede, so all encompassing that only gratitude remains. 
An ease and harmonious flow awaken within, like a mirror reflecting all that I Am.

Now dancing with these inseparable partners, life and death intertwined in this ineffable embrace.
Death is coming, so dedicate your life now to that which never dies - love, compassion, and a gentle presence. 

Expand into the vastness of love; take a universe into your heart. 

Turn towards the moment; attention makes it sacred.
You walked your path, and sometimes you stumbled, and you didn't resolve everything you expected to resolve before the end. 

There are tasks left undone, questions left unanswered, words that were never spoken, final scenes left unseen. 
But perhaps total resolution was the lie, and your days were only there to be lived, not wrapped up neatly.
Focus on what was given, not what was taken away, nor what will never be.

You loved, you tried, you did more than your best, you touched others and were touched deeply in return, you inhabited your days, the days that were given, you laughed and you cried, and none of it is any less meaningful now because it is ending.

The light of attention is brighter now, the curiosity stronger, the presence warmer, the intimacy deeper. It was only ever about the journey, friend, it was never about reaching the destination, getting to the finish line. 

You are too courageous for destinations, too alive for resolution.

The meaning of your life is your life, inhabited.