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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Getting with the emotions of the individuality of our self nature is a higher calling than mere spirituality of the type. Why? Because it's greater.

Assertiveness is more about finding your own voice, your own truth, and speaking it. It's also about communicating one's needs and wants in a non-violent, compassionate way, it gets you in touch with your inner strength. 
For most of my life I have the courage to speak and stand up for me, the journey is always finding my voice and working on the art of compassionate assertiveness. Anything that encourages me to look deeper within myself is a true blessing.
I am not another you. You are not another me. Let's not throw out our uniqueness with the bathwater. Each of us is here with a very specific sacred purpose.
Whether we chose or were chosen, we were clearly blessed to walk this path. We were carriers of a divine seedling of possibility, two adventurers who had been granted a glimpse of the new earth that awaits humanity. 
Not a new earth riddled but one characterized by heartfelt connection as the path home. 
With our love as vehicle, God rose up to meet us, each time with a more expansive and heartfelt countenance.

What the heart cares about is resonance.....resonance that opens it, resonance that enlivens it, resonance that calls it home. And when it finds it, the transformation begins.

Many of us seek that which we will flee if we find it. I have seen this time and again, both in myself and in others. 
We seek, we search, and then we find a calling or a relationship that is a perfect reflection of our yearning and we turn away and go back to seeking, almost as though the light of our true-path was too bright for us, too vulnerable for us, too real for us. 
This is a pattern that we have to recognize and heal or else we will never stop looking for what is already there. 
True-path is not always around the next corner. 
Sometimes it's right under our feet.