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Friday, February 28, 2014

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise sees.

Dr. Frank Crane wrote,
 “Every generation a new crop of fools comes on. They think they can beat the orderly universe. They conceive themselves to be above the eternal laws.
They snatch good from Nature’s store, and run…And one by one they all come back to Nature’s counter, and pay – pay in tears, in agony, in despair; pay as fools before them have paid…
Nature keeps books pitilessly. 
Your credit with her is good, but she collects; there is no land you can flee to and escape her bailiffs…
She never forgets; she sees to it that you pay her every cent you owe, with interest.”

This is a sad, but true commentary on the foolish. 

He has all the same wisdom available to him as other men, but ignores it, choosing instead to go his own misguided way. 
He perceives himself to be different than all of those who went before him, and pays no heed to the wisdom of the elders. 
This man is not capable of learning from the past, but instead only has the capability to learn by making his own mistakes, many of which are permanent.

These men are hotheaded and reckless. 

To teach the fool the martial arts, is to create a dangerous menace to society, as he uses what he knows only for his own personal gain, without regard to anyone else. 
The masters knew this fact and refused to teach martial arts to men of low character, but things are different in today’s society. 

Today, everything appears to revolve around money.