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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So true re fear-conditioning, distrust. And, then we have to learn to trust our natural trust all over again...!

Lying in bed the other night, waiting to sleep, while Murray was scratching my head suddenly I was aware that each breath my body was taking was absolutely delicious. 

I could not believe how giving life is, that each time my lungs ask for air, life bestows it. For nothing. For free. 

That my lungs empty themselves so many times each day, even as I lay sleeping, each time absolutely counting on life to refill them. 

What an act of faith this body is. It doesn't check first each time to see if there is more air before it lets go of what it has, it just lets go and trusts that the next breath will come.

Life seems to run on trust necessarily. 

It trusts itself implicitly.

Distrust is learned, drilled into us by well-meaning humans, intent upon protecting us. They taught us that only through distrust could we survive.


They could not have been more mistaken.