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Sunday, February 9, 2014

'Truth' is only revealed after dispelling all that is false, according to oneself. Terms subject to change.

The word "truth" is a much debated concept. 

Some say there is such a thing and others vehemently disagree. Wars have been launched for centuries for no other reason than different understandings of this word. 

IMHO most of what we call truth is purely subjective perception and there are many versions of that "truth" as there are people in the world. 

But if the mystics and sages of every tradition are to be believed, there is a deeper TRUTH that transcends the mind's ability to conceptualize and that can be approached only through the contemplative arts. 

Those who have diligently pursued the exemplar of meditation/contemplation for many years come to surprisingly consistent experiences of that deeper TRUTH or BEINGNESS and express it in very similar ways discounting differences in language and culture. 

This deeper TRUTH is not something to be believed or arrived at by logic. It has to be personally discovered, deeply experienced, and then objectively compared to the reports of the "cloud of witnesses" who have come before. 

It is both subjective and objective and always life-changing. No one can glimpse this deeper TRUTH of our oneness with all that is and remain the same.

Also known as the via negative and neti neti...

"Enlightenment occurs when one has exhausted all the resources of one's being"

"The remedy is to exhaust the remedies."

What do you "see" when there are no words or concepts, images or ideas? Who are you when there are no words?