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Monday, February 24, 2014

When the victory is yours, tighten your helmet cords.

We have all seen the movies where the hero has “defeated” the villain at the end of the movie, and just when we think the movie is over, the villain who we thought was defeated, attacks the hero one last time. 

This happens because the hero “thought” the victory was his and that the fight was over. As he lets down his guard and walks away, he finds out the hard way that he has declared victory too soon, and that he had not finished the job.

Don’t quit before the job is finished. 

When you can see that the victory is yours, do not relax until the battle is over – completely. Too many times people have victory in their hands only to let it slip away because they stop a little too soon. 
The fire is not out until the last glowing embers have been completely cooled and buried. The battle is not finished until it is over and the enemy is wholly and entirely defeated.

Declaring victory before the battle is 100% finished is a sign of underestimating your enemy. 

Any time you underestimate your enemy’s ability to hurt you, you are taking a great risk. Never underestimate your enemy – any enemy! 

Make sure the battle is over before you declare victory. Don’t let your victory slip away because of your overconfidence.