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Friday, February 21, 2014

The question is how to leave the comfort zone... "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." OR ENDS DEPEND HOW YOU SEE ....

Taking the first leap out of your comfort zone is the hardest, though... but once you're out... Everything follows through, and you'll realize that living outside the box becomes your comfort zone.

After you have overcome your fears and emotional hurdles, you catch only in really to breathe and to feel the luck in yourself.
End of comfort zone leads to shift from habit of mediocrity to extraordinary.

The essence for positive change, life is about contentment in whatever you do you have that you have everything
Do not let the fear gets you, let your wings fly away, nobody gets as far as the one that never measures the DISTANCE

WE ALL have a major ROLE to play in the game of LIFE! No contribution or involvement is greater or less, in completing the over-all picture! We just have to take the first step; always believing in ourselves & others; coming together...united as one...to make OUR WORLD...the best it can be!

One will not actually Know or experience anything different, if we don't risk and adventure, explore and learn. 
Try a different way; it might make the whole difference to each of your days, but taking just one more step? 

Face the fear and do it anyway/ you will never know where life takes you?

Get unsafe. 
Less familiar. 
Make waves. 
Define expectations. 
Risk failing. 
Feel vulnerable. 
Be bold and courageous.

If you want to make a change, you have to make a change. You have to make a choice, make a different choice.


If you wonder what the stuff on the picture is:
I wanted to illustrate the "three big ones" in Life – Health (Ras & Blueberry), Wealth (Gemstones & Gold) and Relationships (homemade heart). Then there is frOde (Hippo), and I have no Idea how the Swordfish snuck in :o)