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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Acceptance is the mightiest prayer...

Change happens. It can be resisted but never defeated. Frightened people never realize this. They honestly believe they can prevent change indefinitely. They suffer unnecessarily because resistance IS suffering.

That is the very definition of a conservative. Change is a constant companion, people fail to see it in each and every moment...there can be no movement without change and no life.

Resistance is futile, prepare for assimilation. There can be no change or movement if not for the substrate of silent, still, unchanging sentience.

Suffering is the psychological refusal of pain, a resistance. 
All that is needed is INSIGHT. 
Unless of course you like pain or believe it is beneficial in some way, sometimes these things are dependent on which way an individual is 'wired' or whether 'insight' is possible.

Insight..... Great word but little understanding.

Human pain is not a choice.
Human suffering as I am using the word the psychological refusal of pain is entirely a choice. I can accept a painful situation or resist it mentally. 
The pain IS. 
My refusal or resistance to just being with it is what creates my suffering and is entirely my choice once I realize what I am doing to myself.