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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do not seek the wholeness of soul; rather seek the soul of wholeness - that's where the good stuff is

I believe in unconditional love, but I don't believe in unconditional relationships. There must always be a condition of kindness and reciprocity of love, loyalty, and RESPECT.

I believe in boundaries for love. 

Who told us to love unconditionally? 
And what does that mean, really? 
To give it all away? 

No, I believe in boundaries. 
They protect real love.

We can unconditionally love everyone but that doesn't buy everyone a free ticket through our boundaries.

There are a number of people I unconditionally love from a very safe distance. Once you open yourself for love you just can't help but love every living being. 
But not all can be allowed to close at any time.

I think a big part of the problem is simply that we forget to love ourselves unconditionally first.

For your information.....I love me, I won't let you show to the world that it is okay to violate me.
From soul to whole...

Think kindness covers it all; unconditional doesn't mean one takes neither the shit treatment nor the sneaky cheater. 
It's just I love you as you are but don't send crap my way.  
That's what I feel.

Kindness is a given for me, I believe in unconditional too, it is our free choice what we wish to be around, of course, always with the ability to move on, accepting others as they wish to be...

I believe that love – feeling and relationships, working partnership are different things and should probably have separate rules. 

Love, because it is a feeling, can be unconditional. Let's say, no matter what our partner does, our feelings toward him/her do not change ha-ha, this is rare. 

Relationships, however, are working partnerships. As such, they require conditions, boundaries, and limits to work smoothly.

The day when we know love and don't need to define it, just let it lives in us....