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Monday, February 10, 2014

And we are forever metamorphosed by the communion.

I think it's funny and strange that the world seems to be labelling the good things about spirituality, parenting, personal growth etc as somehow divine feminine, and that so many people purport that war, greed, aggression, individuality and other traits as not-so-divine, masculine.

Who is being brainwashed? 
Who is willing to admit they are attempting to brainwash others?
Are these traits that so many of us seem to want to aspire and/or cling to, actually masculine or feminine? 
I think not.

I like to think we're simply humans... and we reincarnated into sexes and families and environments to learn from and experience.

Nurturing, caring, defending with compassion, appreciating beauty.... those aren't masculine or feminine.... they are Love.
So I choose to laugh and sometimes poke when men or women see themselves as needing to BE different.
Certainly we can choose differently for ourselves. 

But if we choose a new way of being, because we are feeling we LACK some trait.... do we actually become the change we want to see in ourselves?
Or have we weakened ourselves and made it more likely that we'll believe something else needs to be changed about ourselves, 10 minutes from now?

There comes a point where the words, healing and shifts are moot. 
We're already born perfectly human. 
To me that's my ultimate goal - to be at peace and accept what I AM. There is nothing to heal.... unless one chooses to view themselves as some kind of victim of fate.

I'm a lady, I love and appreciate life. But if I had chosen to be incarnated as a man....would my quest really be any different?
So male/female anything... in my opinion is just another device humans use to divide ourselves into me or us, verses them.

And it's getting easier for me not to get hooked into defending anything.

But that'll never be completely finished with because that's part of God experiencing itself by dropping me on this amazing orb.