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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

There is no feeling like re-connecting with a soul you have known since time immemorial. Not only does it bridge you to one another, but it grounds you in your own karmic legacy.

Many of us are shadow-jumpers. We jump away from life’s difficulties with various techniques: self-distractive behaviours, wishful thinking, feigned positivity, the spiritual bypass. 
With so little evidence that the shadow can be converted into light, we opt to float above our lives. 
And many of us are light-jumpers. 

We jump away from life’s pleasures with various methods: perpetual pessimism, self-sabotage, emotional armour, the materialism bypass. 
With so little evidence that joy can be sustained, we avoid the possibility altogether. I call the healthy in-between that is, the capacity to hold both shadow and light at once. 

Except in truly unbearable situations, we stay with the shadow until it transforms. And we submerge in the light when it beckons, strong enough to endure disappointment, open to the possibility that the light will grow stronger over time. 

Let’s stop substituting avoidance for reality. 

We don’t know how long we have- let’s be here for all of it.

We have many shadows, and layers of shadow. 

Embodiment in the last piece and it is crucial we look those shadows right in the eye and take a look at them. Especially, looking at the dogmatic judgements we have around them. 

Loving who we are fully allows us to love others. It is a rare thing that we meet people who love themselves fully that way. 
Therein lays the genius that is us and tuning into and loving that, embodying that in our human selves integrated with our divinity, is how we rise while remaining firmly grounded in the life we are here to live. 

This includes opening ourselves to others who are not like us and loving them as we wish to be loved, darkness and Light. 

That is the last piece of the Embodiment piece...the opening and embracing of others and the entire world in absolute love. 
Becoming an island, as many now choose, is not growth, but classic avoidance. 
You cannot rise that way. 
This becomes an unhealthy shadow of its own.