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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Control your mind and remain undisturbed. That is the secret of Perfect Peace....

Stress originates in your mind. The secret to remaining calm is to control your mind and not let anything disturb you. 
This sounds simple, but it takes a lot of discipline to maintain control over your mind. This is another part of a warrior’s life that takes constant practice to perfect. 
Meditation is a vital part of maintaining a peaceful mind. Meditation calms your mind and gives you a sense of peace.

A technique that can use to maintain a calm mind, no matter what the circumstances are, is to do the best that you can do in every situation. 
If you have done all that you can possibly do, then that is all you can do. 

There is no need to get stressed out about any situation, because you know in your heart, that you have done everything in your power to take care of the problem. 
Thinking like this slows your mind down and gets to the very heart of the matter. 
You have done the best that you can do.

There is nothing else that you can do, so no matter what happens, you have done all that could be done. Once you have done your best, let the chips fall where they may. 

This do not mean that you don’t continue to act as the circumstances continue to change. You continue to do all that you can do, and 
don’t focus on what may happen, but 
just know that whatever happens, you will address it as it happens. 

Remain calm and think rationally. 

Don’t allow things to get inside your head.
Control your mind. 

Don’t allow your emotions to take over. 
Think rationally and maintain your calm, peaceful mind.