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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be...and free yourself from limitations

Words=Thought Energy

Know that words are manifestation of thought energy. 
There is an energy signature to it. 
Who you are and how you are, personality and characters are reflected in those words. 
You can check your vibrations and frequency by looking at your words.

You can check your energy signature through automatic writing by just letting the energy flow out, without blocking it with thinking or rationalizing. 
Once finished, read it. Decide if there is something bothering you, something uplifting you, or something that is in blind spot that needs to be cleaned out and etc....

You can use words to heal yourself.

 True and uplifting affirmations can have dramatic effect on you. Keep it within the now as progression, not artificial positive you know when it is fake. 

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Words can cause an army of billions to rise up against oppressors. Words can also enslave billions.

You as conscious being have power to influence yourself, your surrounding, & others. 

Therefore, have control over your words and thoughts. 
You're on your way to mastery, of 
"As inner....so is outer." 

So it is....