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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You see the good in others before you see it in yourself.... The only thing on the island is strangers.

Letting go does not come easily. It takes practice to let go of the old and reach for something new. Today practice letting go of fear and listening to your heart. 
Pay attention to what it tells you... and check in with it often.

So much life force is imprisoned below our shackles of shame. Don’t listen to the wardens. They are
imprisoned, too. 
Free yourself. 
You are the only one who can. 
Open your inner gifts. 
Hide no light under a bushel. 
Know that you are here for a reason. 
Honour your magnificence. 
When we realize what a treasure we are, it all changes. 
It really does. 
Treasure yourself.

May we rise together with the rhythm of love 

Honouring all "that" magnificence...getting to know one "in" self... tracing pools of "its" full potential IS such a treasure full of divine bliss indeed!

As we embrace a new year… may we all remember that with a loving heart, everything is possible… to each and every one of you.

Happy, peaceful, authentic, magical 2014! 
May you be healthy, purpose-full, inspired, more and more in love with the magnificent human looking at you in the mirror every day. 
May you continue to open the gift that is you. This birth is precious. 
Let us celebrate that in all of us in 2014! 
Happy New Year!!!

I hope you enjoy your next trip around the sun  Happy New Orbit!