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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This moment, exactly as it is, do not need your permission.

Present thoughts, sensations, feelings, sounds, are already here, fully present and shining brightly. 
This moment, this vibrant life-movement, comes before "you". 
It is prior to any thought. 
It is what I call Deep Acceptance - acceptance without an opposite, without anyone 'doing' acceptance. 
It is total surrender.

In the illusory time-space-lag between life and "you" lies all of your problems. 

"Your" acceptance or rejection of this moment is already too late.

Life is so fiercely loving and compassionate it will destroy every image you have of yourself including the image that you have no image and will leave you naked as the day you were born, naked as a newborn baby. 

Naked, and fully present to this moment, radically open to all experience. 

Yes, the false image the mind-made 'me' is humiliated, and what is left is total humility in the face of THIS. 
Such cosmic, impersonal humility in the face of life is the end of suffering as you know it.