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Thursday, January 23, 2014

What has it gifted you with today, in both obvious and not so obvious ways?

Wake up your spirit and feel its vibrant healing forced by simply LAUGHING.

When you laugh you free yourself of all the negative e edgy that binds you and makes you doubt yourself in any way.
Better yet, laugh with those you love.
Make a joke.

See the silliness before your eyes.

Refuse to take yourself too seriously. Laughter is God's universal language. The best part about laughter is that you can fake it till you make it.
The further away from laughter you feel the more you need it. It calls your spirit home and gives back your power.

Some days test us more than others. 

When you find yourself struggling through one of those days, it may simply mean you need some quiet time to reconnect with Source, the giver of life. 
Perhaps you have been giving more to others than usual and have not had time to rejuvenate. Give yourself the gift of quiet time today, even if only longs enough to listen to your favourite music for five uninterrupted minutes. 
It’s important to be good to yourself and know your limits before you have lost all patience. And if you do lose your patience, be extra willing to step away from the aggravation and find quiet sanctuary within. 
It will settle down your nerves and re-enter you in spirit. 
You need quiet time to remain connected to higher source energy. 

It's a must. 
Not just an indulgent luxury.

Be aware of the Creator's holy grace blessing your life this day. Witness it arising in the morning sun shine on your beautiful face.
Experience it through the abundance of food, warmth, friendship, kindness, support, patience, understanding, and acceptance flowing your way this day.
Pass it along by being gracious to others.

Appreciate the grace given to you and share it freely, especially with those who are most challenging to be around.

Your kind spirit may be the one that brings healing to the one in despair and in most need of grace today.