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Monday, January 13, 2014


Nobility is a state of mind; it is a gift that you give yourself. 
Nobility is no longer some birthright, rather it is a way of living life with a sense of honour, integrity, courage, courtesy, and respect. 

Only you decide whether or not you are noble. 
Once you decide that that is the way of life that you choose, then all you have to do is live up to the high standards that you have set for yourself. 

Be noble and wise in your mind and in your actions.

Wisdom is different than just accumulating lots of facts and figures. 
Wisdom is different from knowledge. 
Wisdom is knowing how to use all the facts, figures, and knowledge. 

Today's society is drowning in available information, but starving when it comes to wisdom. Don't seek to be an encyclopaedia of information, but rather a man or woman of wisdom. 
With wisdom, knowledge becomes useful. 

Follow the path of the Sage who comprehends knowledge instead of the parrot which only repeats words it doesn't understand.

It is vital in this world to develop insight. Insight is not some mystical, magical power, but rather an ability everyone has, but not many use it. 

Take a deep breath of life and consider how it should be lived.