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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Marriage Box... It’s not what you got, it’s how you package it!

So many people think if its love, then everything should flow smoothly, no hiccups. But even the best of relationships require putting in effort making love a daily conscious habit. You need to put in the effort of what is call “repair.”
Both partners have to keep putting something into the relationship – for it to stay thriving.
If you want to “live happily ever after in love” you must prioritize finding a man who:
1. Values growing as a person
2. Truly understands a relationship serves the double function of “den of pleasure” and “laboratory for growth”
After all, if your partner do not value growth, he won’t be ready to deal with non-fun, inevitable conflicts in a high integrity way.

As a result, when those aforementioned disagreements, disappointments, stresses, crises, temptations, sadness’s, monetary-challenges, illnesses, vulnerabilities and misunderstandings arise, your relationship will suffer. Or worse, your partner will run for the hills—end of story, end of relationship!