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Thursday, January 9, 2014

I can't wait to stand still but when....??????

Thought is lightning fast. It rushes to conclusions. It quickly tells all kinds of stories.

But as the consciousness prior to thought, you are cosmically slow. You are more ancient than the sun. You have seen it all. You take your sweet time. 

You are like the seasons. Spring does not speed towards summer. Autumn arrives when it arrives. Winter is not trying to win. 

The grass grows at its own pace. The earth spins calmly on its axis. Life does not rush - it is not trying to get anywhere. It simply celebrates itself as this moment.

Our mental conclusions can wait. Our stories can be put on hold. All that remains is an invitation to deeply savour this precious moment.

Everything has it's appointed hour.

Life is a moment-by-moment adventure to be lived, not a story to be completed or an image to be upheld. Conclusions are not your job. In this moment, answers are not required. 

We are constantly invited, in a million different ways, 
to stay very close to what is actually happening, 
to stay intimate with life as it plays out in real-time, 
to remain answer free yet experience-near, 
to no longer spin experience-distant stories about what may or may not happen, come to premature conclusions or give memorized answers.

Yes, the one who seeks answers has been given an extended career break. The one who thinks they need to know can rest deeply now. 

The mind has been sacked as the CEO of Life. 
What a relief.