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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The only science is in Nature. The human is a version is a perversion.

It's what does not happen. 

The sun warms us every day. Up to 45 degrees every day in some parts of our planet. Yet we think we've understood the 'workings' of the sun.

It's the same as a nuclear reaction we say and leave it at that. OK....So how about warming your bones against the still warm structure at Fukushima only to where it's say 30 degrees? 

It's what does not happen. 

We say we've made huge leaps in medicine...even found cures for cancer. One question- 
so why are there so many more cancer patients and deaths today than there were two hundred years ago? 

It's what does not happen. 

We say modern man has a higher standard of living and a far more comforts than his ancestors. 
Huge swaths of the population are on medicines to cure physical pain, mental discomfort, emotional imbalance...
how comfortable are you? 

The modern science we talk about can't even agree if we are in fact destroying the planet via Global warming, even as polar bears are floating out sea.

Some Gurus talk about the 'spiritual body'. 
Others describe the 'pain body'. 
Some teachers ask you to ignore the body altogether. 
Some masters ask you to control your mind. 

Some will tell you to ignore it. 
For others it's pure fiction. 

Some will ask you to be good. 
Others tell you be as you are. 

Still others tell you that person you think is you don’t even exist. 

I look at the intricacy of a leaf and then at the might of the Sun and know- they're all 'peeping toms' for Consciousness. 

The truth is simply too immense to behold.