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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A pilgrimage of inquiry from which there is no return....

The mind that has really gone into all this, 
that has entered upon a pilgrimage of inquiry from which there is no return, 
that is inquiring not only now, during this hour, 
but from day to day - such a mind will have discovered a state of creation which is all existence. 

It is what you call truth or God. 

For that creation to take place, there must be complete aloneness, an aloneness in which there is no attachment, no companionship, either of words or thoughts or memories. 
It is a total denial of everything which the mind has invented for its own security.

The complete aloneness, 
in which there is no fear, has its own extraordinary beauty. 

It is a state of love because it is not the aloneness of reaction; it is a total negation, which is not the opposite of the positive. 
And, I think it is only in that state of creation that the mind is truly religious. 

Such a mind needs no meditation: it is itself the eternal. 
Such a mind is no longer seeking - not that it is satisfied, but it is no longer seeking because there is nothing to seek. 

It is a total thing, limitless, immeasurable, unnameable.