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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year Resolutions.....!???

( •_•)
\) (> 
/ \ My friends asked me what’s my 2014 resolutions......hmmm I told them I have none for I don’t like ultimatums, those resolutions with the due dates and deadlines phfff. 
I’ll just focus on how I feel and want to feel each day. Be in the now where all of our growth and healing takes place.
Just for today, I just be Spirit-filled person I want to be. And see how it feels.
One day at a time.

Every day brings with it a gift for you. 

The key is to notice, and then accept and fully appreciate the gift before it is lost to you. 
There are the obvious gifts, like the beautiful breakfast I shared with the people I love most in the world all gathered in one place, and the not so obvious ones, like the cold shower I unexpectedly had this morning before breakfast when the hot water suddenly stopped flowing, burr! refreshing!.. 
So grateful for the gift of hot and cold water. 

Life is our gift.

Throughout the day, all kinds of thoughts, images, sounds, sensations and feelings arise and dissolve in the wide open space that you are. 
The vastness of all human experience anything that anyone has ever thought, heard, felt, imagined is available to what you call 'you', regardless of so-called 'separation' in time and space. 
No human experience is alien here. No thought, sensation or feeling is 'other' to you. 
This is the origin of heartbreaking compassion and understanding for those reflections of ourselves we call 'others'.

Yes, 'the world' is not ‘out there’, nor is it 'in here'. 

It is not 'outside', nor is it 'inside' something else. 
It is here, present, as the unbounded and unlimited intimacy that we are.

Whatever you can feel, I can feel. Whatever you can think, I can think. 

As awareness, I know you intimately. We have sometimes called this recognition 'love'. 
But no words are really necessary here.

Yes, in the most intimate recesses of our experience, we are each other. In 2014, how about let's come out of denial.


One more thing I should add about the Enlightenment Club: The moment 'you' join, 'you' are automatically kicked out. 
Still want to join?