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Monday, January 27, 2014

"Great winds are powerless to disturb the water of a deep well."

When things are going GOOD don't assume they would stay that way. We WILL fall. We WILL fail before things can go from GOOD TO GREAT!
We go through highs and lows in life. When things seem to be going good, it's healthy to understand relativity.
It's also about knowing there is always room for improvement. I actually don't fear failures any more considering what great teachers they continue to be.

One who trust one path do not need to prove the other wrong. Have confidence in walking the path of one true self. Though many others will not understand your lifestyle, ultimately, it is not their business. It is you who has to decide how you will live your life, not them.

Many will try to argue with you about how you have chosen to live your life, but you need not feel the need to defend your choices or prove that they are wrong. Spend your energy improving yourself, each and every day, and allow others to manage their own lives. 
Trust in your path and don't allow others to weaken your resolve or your confidence.

We should not get annoyed or upset at every little thing that goes wrong in our life. Small things affect small minds. 
Don’t allow things to dictate to you what your emotional state will be. You may be thinking that this is easier said than done, after all, when something bad happens, it is supposed to make you upset or put you in a bad mood. Well, it do not have to upset you or affect your mood.

You have to stay calm in your mind. Don’t let the winds that blow outside enter your mind and affect your peace and 
You decide what your emotional state will be. It is up to you, you must remain in control. Don’t give the control of your emotions to any other person or circumstance. 
Look at things rationally and calmly, and decide how to handle each situation. 
Act, don’t react. 
Remain in control at all times.