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Monday, January 20, 2014

STOP BLOCKING THE ANNOYANCE REACTION. Stop sending her to her room to sulk. She's a dancer. GO AHEAD. BE ANNOYED.

I'm happy about that ^__^ as long as I don't hang out in it too long I see it as growth for me.... When she stops getting your attention with it, she just might grow bored with it.

I would be honoured if someone be annoyed at me. It would feel like.... I mattered or made a difference or something.
Like -- you are really concerned with what annoys you. It's because you are passionate. It's not a bad thing. It's a form of love.
Like, annoyance when shunned persists until it is seen as love. Love, pointing revealing and calling is assisting my seeing the love in annoyance.

My way to stay with it is through gratitude. The moment I'm conscious, annoyance is here paying a visit I breathe and give thanks,
"Ok, annoyance, my teacher, reveal the lesson/show me the way"
then my attention can move from annoyance to what there is to see/get or give. This does create heat, makes my heart burn.

My heart’s desire is to detect these visitors quickly and lovingly acknowledge them. My experience is they eventually throw tantrums without this loving acknowledgement. So recently, they've been sneaking in really quietly and gradually to give me opportunity to master this!

So sweetly I'm loved!

If I shun annoyance my reasoning might be denial, what's happening doesn't bother me, blah, blah, blah. As a result annoyance rises.
Then I insist, I'm above being bothered by this, and then I notice I'm snapping at people. So, now frustration visits.

Err, I can do better, I say to myself. Then, anger comes.

The one who is annoyed does not like being told she shouldn't feel the way she does. She especially hates hearing it from the pompous, patronizing do-gooder who thinks everybody should be kind and good and positive all the time.

That would be another version of "me."

Yes! So anger and frustration come to point this out! And when the anger is felt deep in the cells alchemy happens and essence is liberated.