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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The character of every act depends on the circumstances in which it is done.....

You don't belong to ANY community my dear. Simply follow your dreams and aspirations. It will take you where you should go. 
You were prepared to become who you are...

There is nobody as foolish as an EDUCATED individual who won't figure out how to earn well enough for their own basic needs.

A very common emotional blackmail cliché conformists particularly in the East tell us mavericks is, 
"You will NEVER succeed without your elders'/ parents' blessings."

While I agree it is important to respect our elders, it is not necessarily true that they always know what is best for those of younger generations. 
Each being has the RIGHT to make choice. 

So next time you are threatened with that clichéd line, remind those threatening you that their own role models were free-thinkers who followed their own Heart's calling and didn't blindly follow popular belief. 

It is not where we come from that determines where we go, but where WE CHOOSE to direct our own journey.

YOU are the captain of your OWN ODYSSEY! 

Take Responsibility of YOU!

Face your fears and you will be able to conquer them.