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Friday, January 31, 2014

We must start an education that educates us to evolve, especially in supply and demand, teach us how to make our own supplies!

Release and let go of what you is holding you down or back. The more you release the more you attract on a higher level. 
Enjoy the process.

If you want to live a higher way, 
stop doubting when your intuition speaks to you, 
stop ignoring your sixth sense when you feel it, and 
start accepting and appreciating your vibes when they do activate.

Six-sensory awareness heals all of the above because, at its root, it helps us see how we’re all interconnected and inter- dependent, and therefore, 
“whatsoever we do to the least of our brothers is what indeed we do to ourselves."

The benefits of detachment in the face of intense emotional activity can’t be overstated. It doesn’t cut you off from your heart centre; it opens you more. 
In fact, when you refrain from absorbing the energy around you, you’ll remain clear and grounded, you’ll be able to easily access your creative and intuitive channel, and you’ll be able to choose to use the messages you receive from your Higher Self.

We must stop questioning or resisting our higher wisdom and accept the now scientifically supported reality that we are, indeed, far more conscious and capable on a soul level than we’ve been taught to believe or have dared to express. 
We must learn to trust our vibes—those energetic bursts rising out of our inborn psychic sense that pulse subtly through our awareness and guide us through our soul’s journey.

Today is a good day to be more compassionate to all living beings. 

If you are irritated or impatient, judgemental, or intolerant of someone at this time, ask your Higher Self to pull back the curtains of your awareness and allow you to see deeper into their experience of life. 

Ask that you may find compassion for that soul’s struggles and pain so you can be free yourself of these burdening emotions you hold toward them, which only harm you. 
Perhaps, with the help of your Higher Self you may even find new found acceptance and understanding toward others instead.

Open your heart and be extra kind to everyone you encounter. 
Breathe deeply and easily so that others can feel the ease flowing through your body. 
Listen with patience, and laugh at their stories. 
Be genuine, be present, and give someone a few extra moments of your time to show you care.


My your day kiss you full on the lips ^__*