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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It all starts with a cuppa...


I have never written a blog before, that said, my hope is for all who stop by and take the time to read and get something out of it. 
Be it a laugh, some insight or an idea to take with.  

There will never really be a theme, a central message here. 

My thoughts like my life are random. 
Things that jump out at me, that make me laugh, cry or shake my head will be fair game.  Strangers, friends and family members...all a source of inspiration to me. 

I have noticed that when something happens in my daily life... it makes more sense to me when I have a cuppa in my ‘me’ time, anyone who knows me, knows this. 

Something about that warm cup of tea or iced depending on my mood...seems to centre me and fuel me at the same time. 
Tea time talk has always been one of my favourite things, and more when my son is practising his violin in the background.

A group of people sitting around drinking coffee, tea and shooting the shit can lead to some amazing discussions. 
Bring yourself to the table and I will always sit and chat with you. 

Life happens. 

Work, family, friends...ups and downs laughter and tears. 

People surprise you, piss you off and sometimes make you shake your head. 

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.  

I can't wait to get your respond more in future. 

"A good writer speaks to him or herself as the primary audience. A great writer uses language to reach out to a be heard by the "other." 
A gifted writer reveals the truth that there is no "other.""