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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yes, even though the quest was futile, it was not in vain.

All forms of seeking, whether religious, spiritual, materialistic, political, or fame-based, are the finite creations of a finite perspective - the ego. 

As such, these "ego projects" are doomed to failure in that they can never achieve their ultimate and largely unconscious goals of controlling life, defeating death, and awakening the Seeker to Truth. 

But it is the very futility of ego projects that are their greatest asset to those who come to the awareness that seeking is no longer needed. 

In the face of the abject failure of our ego projects to provide what we believe we lack, need, and/or want, we have the opportunity to see that we have never lacked anything substantial or essential. 

All that we seek has always been within. In other words, we ALWAYS ALREADY ARE that which we seek. In this way, the exhaustion of our ego project and the despair that follows can be a deep moment of grace and the beginning of wisdom. 
In that moment, all seeking drops away forever and life appears in all its fullness and mystery.

In the meantime, seek with all your heart, mind, and soul. Kind of like Captain Kirk feeding a paradox to the computer in order to blow it up, thereby stopping the self-destruct sequence.