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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Keeper Of The Gifts

Close your eyes and look to the heavens. 
Reach out your arms and embrace all that God has created. 
Know that everything in life was made for you to experience. 
The wind, the water the sky, these are all gifts from God to you. 
The green grass, the roar of the ocean as it approaches the shore, the smell of nearby flowers. Yes, these are all gifts from God. 
The rain as it drops from the sky, a tear that falls gently upon your cheek, snow caps that glisten upon the mountain tops. 
These are all gifts from God. 

The sand on a beach, the gliding image of a bird in flight, a tree as it gently bends in the breeze. These are all gifts from God. 
A baby laughing, a smile from a stranger, a rainbow shining ever so brightly after a spring storm. These are all gifts from God. 

But know this, you do not own these gifts. These gifts are on loan and need to be shared with the world. 

These gifts are to be passed on to the next generation as they have been passed on to you. 
God only asks that they be passed on better off then when you received them. 
There are many more gifts that have been given to you in this world. 
Seek them out and enjoy them all. 
For you are the keeper of the gifts.