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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Ballet Of The Soul

I see life as a ballet of the soul. In spite of crisis, boredom, ennui, tragedy, grace of the soul is being danced across the ages. 
It is an eternal rhythm that is subtly experienced. Believe it or not, this dance is not done by anyone that we know ourselves to be. 
It is the part of us that is immanent and transcendent. It knows nothing of sweat or toil. It’s only job is to express what IT is. 
And what it is is grace beyond measure.

We sit at the table drinking coffee and ruing what we did or didn’t do. 
We go to sleep and wake with aching heads and remember bad dreams. 
We don’t know how we got here or when we will leave. 
And the dance is happening. 
We work and rest and act the part we have been given to play.

And the dance changes step and rhythm and lifts us up over the fog and lets us see the stars.
And when the dance needs a partner it finds one. 
And then it may leave that partner at the altar or by some violent act. 
And we denounce the dance. 

Indeed the mystery of the dance is that it is anonymous. 

No one there can claim to be anything but a dancer of what is the dance of life. 

And all too soon a silence falls upon the floor. 
And then it is that the dance begins on another stage in another universe. 
We sigh and go on. 
And then once again we find ourselves taken up by a new rhythm. 
And the dance finds us a new partner. 
And so it goes.