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Monday, December 9, 2013

It's easy to believe our thoughts and base our feelings and behaviours on the misleading stories of fear and fortune the mind creates. 
Only the truly wise and courageous follow their hearts, ignoring convention and consequences, in order to discover the meaning of life, love, and happiness. 
Such heart people are like pirates of the soul, risking their lives for buried treasure.

Where does suffering go when we are not thinking about it? 
For that matter, where does our sense of self go when we are not thinking about that? 
They are not there. 
This is not a trick or an example of denial. 
It's a clue. 
Aside from thought, there is no self and no suffering. 
What we are is beyond or prior to thought. 
We are that in which thought arises and passes away with its fantasies of self and suffering.

Knowledge is the mindful impetus of a suffering being. The movement of be to being, present and future, and space and time; all arise in the thought that we can creatively or conceptually know the unknown. 
Thought is not truth because it changes, but it becomes the subjective reality upon which we place our sense of value.

We are beings of light, not just figuratively, but literally. 
Our bodies, like all living things, emit light waves constantly.

This light interacts and becomes "entangled" permanently connected with every subatomic particle and atom it encounters throughout the universe. 
We are all in constant communion and interaction with one another and with all things.

Aware Presence. That's it. 
That's everything. 
The whole shebang. 
All else is the mind making up stories, which is Aware Presence too. 
So there you have it. 
Love and hate, good and evil, happiness and despair...it's all Aware Presence in disguise. 
There is no escape. 
And no problem.