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Sunday, December 8, 2013

If you are waiting for the world change, it begins with you. Life is a matter of perspective. Sometimes what we think we see, we really don't.

In the subtle peace of illusion sits the reality of all that is. 
What is illusion? 
Illusion is all that you see before you. It is your mind interacting with your soul to create a reflection. The reflection you see is the reality created by it. 

People who are able to understand the soul connection are able to create the reflection that they want. Others who do not make this connection tend to view a reality created by outside manipulations. 
These manipulations create a false sense of reality. 
An illusion of reality that can be changed just by connecting with one’s own soul, but how does one connect with it?

The connection begins when one is willing to allow the connection to begin. I know this sounds very simple and it is. 

The soul was not created to be hidden from us. 
It was created to initiate the best reality before us. If you are seeing a reality of manipulation then it is time to seek guidance from your soul.

Many will not understand what I have written here, but the ones that are supposed to receive this message will. Understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their soul. It was bequest to you at your inception. 

Over the years it has created many false illusions for me, and it was not until I allowed myself to make the connection that things began to change.

We are all in a process of evolution on a momentary basis. We continue to evolve moment by moment into the person we were meant to be. We seek guidance from outside sources, but never think to turn inward for the answers. 

We were created to generate these answers. We were created with the ability to seek and find within ourselves, thus we create the reflection before us with the information we receive. 
Now is the time for you to allow yourself access to one of Gods greatest gifts, the soul. 

Create, reflect, be…