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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Your thoughts control your emotions and ultimately, your actions.....

Imagine that your mind is your garden and your thoughts are seeds which you plant. 
If you prepare the soil - your mind, plant the seeds that you want to grow correct thoughts, water those seeds focus on your correct thoughts, keep your garden weeded rid your mind of negative, dishonourable thoughts, and continue to faithfully tend to your garden be consistent with this process, those seeds will mature and you will harvest the fruits of your labour your thoughts will materialize.

Just like growing vegetables in your garden, this process takes time; it doesn’t happen overnight. No one plants a garden one day, then harvests vegetables the next day. 

It simply doesn’t work that way. 
It takes time and work for a seed to mature into a plant, and for the plant to produce fruit. 
Your mind works the same way. 
First you have to prepare the soil cleanse your mind and get your attitude right, then you have to plant the seeds the thoughts that you want to manifest.

Many people read about this process, get excited about the prospects of putting this technique into action, and then forget about it after a couple of days or weeks. 

This is like planting a garden, taking care of it for a few days and then forgetting about it or even worse, deciding that gardening doesn’t really work, digging the seeds up and throwing them away. 
Once you plant your seeds, you have to water your seeds and work to keep the weeds out of the garden so those seeds can grow.

If you don’t follow through by giving your garden water and fertilizer, and keeping the weeds from choking your plants, your garden will not produce the results that you want. 

This is not to say that your garden will not grow anything. 
If you leave it up to chance, you will find that your garden will have plants growing in it, but those plants will be undesirable plants such as noxious weeds, instead of the plants which produce useful, nutritious food that strengthen your mind and body.

This is how your mind works also. 

If you decide to mindfully take control of your thoughts in order to start manifesting the virtues and character traits that you desire, but you give up on the process after a couple of weeks or months, you will find that the mental weeds will overrun the garden of your mind. 
Any garden, no matter how beautiful, will regress to nothing more than a patch of weeds if it is not continually taken care of. 
It doesn’t matter how well established it may be or how long it has been growing, if the gardener quits tending to it, it will soon be overrun with weeds.

Controlling your thoughts and being mindful is a daily process. It is not an objective in which you achieve your goal and then move on to another project.

It is an ongoing, never-ending part of the lifestyle. The day you decide that you no longer have to be aware of your thoughts, is the day you start to regress. 

Hopefully by now you are starting to see why it is so important to be true to yourself and to pay attention to your thoughts.