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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Before Life was happening others' way, now it's happening "my" way. The scenery is soooo much more beautiful - quite literally so

We tend to be happy when things go 'our way', and unhappy when they don't. 
It's natural. 

But what I speak of here is a happiness, a contentment, a peace that is not dependent on outer circumstances, a completeness that is always here, whether or not things go 'our way'. 

Rooted in the deep knowing of who we truly are, 
we see there is no such thing as 'our way' at all - there is just life happening, 
which IS the way, the only way, 
without opposite, 
beyond all intellectual understanding. 

And now let's sing.... "I did it myyyy waaaaaayyy......"

You can try to allow this moment, and you can fail to allow this moment. 
you can stop pretending to be the one who allows or doesn't allow, and notice that this moment is already allowed to be exactly as it is. 

What you are, life itself, has already said YES to these thoughts, these sensations, these feelings.... even to this pain or this fear or this confusion. 
What you are is an unconditional YES to what is, where even the 'no' is embraced. 
And then there is no more trying, 
no more succeeding or failing to allow, 
no more acceptance or rejection of this moment, 
there just what is, as it is, raw and alive and unbound....

What I am is so full that it's perfectly empty. 
Full of life. 
Full of this moment. 

It's the ocean brimming with waves - with thoughts, sensations, feelings, sounds - waves that it's inseparable from and totally intimate with. 
It even allows pain, fear, and sadness into itself. 
It swallows everything, everything, as it is. 
It is everything, swallowing itself. 
It's the ultimate, inexhaustible cosmic fast food meal. 

Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form. 

The joy and the gladness, the excitement and the pain, 
the piss and the bliss and the shit, 
it's all totally embraced here by a love with no name, 
a love that cannot say no, for even its no is a YES. 
Yes, yes, I admit it, finally - I'm full of shit. 
But you knew that already...

Love is the vast ocean that embraces every wave without exception. 
There is nothing outside of itself, and no wave can threaten it. 
And so it is fearless and wild. 
And it doesn't care whether you call it 'love', or 'consciousness', or 'Self', or 'cabbage', or just keep silent. 

Words and their absence, silence and noise, all belong to it. 
It knows no opposite. 
It is your birthright.