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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Weak people seek revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore....Wisdom of an elder ^__*

There is a big difference between seeking revenge and avenging a wrong done. While these two may seem the same to those who don't know, they aren't. 
Revenge is seeking to getting even for personal reasons, for something that personally hurt YOU. 
That is vastly different than avenging a wrong done to someone you love in order to make it right and see that justice is done. 
I know it sounds like the same thing, but it isn't.

Revenge is a selfish act, while avenging a wrong done to a loved one is an act of love, you aren't doing it for yourself but rather for someone else who was taken advantage of and abused.

Neither of these acts require you to continue to hold onto the wrong that was done. When you do that, you only hurt yourself more. 

By holding on to unforgiveness, you are allowing the other person to continually defeat you in your mind. You must always forgive, then ignore.

It takes a lot to forgive some low-life that has greatly wronged you. That is why this quote states that strong people forgive. 

But notice, it didn't say intelligent people forget. It is not wise to forget. Remember what was done and who this person truly is, but don't let it plague your mind.

This is why it is intelligent to IGNORE, not forget. 

If you forget, you are just setting yourself up to learn the same lesson again. 
Remember the lesson you have learned, but ignore the situation so it doesn't constantly plague your mind.