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Friday, December 20, 2013


“In relative reality, thoughts have tremendous power. Thoughts collapse the quantum wave of near-infinite possibilities and bring the subject of those thoughts into manifestation. Powerful thoughts arise, but there is no thinker anywhere to be found.”

Response to Comments:
Relative reality" was a poor choice of words. I am pointing towards life as it is lived in duality. But everything arises and passes away within Awareness, so there really is only the ultimate reality of nondual presence.
As for the thinker, well, that really is the crux of the matter, isn't it?
This was the ultimate realization of the Buddha and of every other sage in history. There is no self. When you try to find the thinker, all you come up with is individual thoughts, perceptions, and feelings.
There is no subject or entity that can be found. Its presence is ASSUMED, but not actual. Thoughts, feelings, and perceptions simply occur. But they do not occur to ANYONE.
The easiest way to confirm this in your own experience is to notice what happens to the "assumed person" or “you” or the “thinker” when there are no thoughts occurring in the mind.
What will probably be noticed is that when there are no thoughts, there is also no person or entity. But because the mind is so rarely free of thought, this fact of the absence of a thinker is usually not noticed.
 Now, why make such a big deal out of the absence of the thinker?
Because it is the assumed existence of the separate self that is the source of all suffering, doubt, and questioning.
All of these things begin to fade away and lose their power when the idea of the self is challenged and found empty.
This is not a doctrine or belief, although many “nondualists” or “neo-advaitins” turn it into a dogmatic statement without having done the requisite noticing. It is only valuable when noticed directly.
So please don’t take my word for ANY of this. Don’t accept or reject it on intellectual or logical grounds. If you think you are a self or a thinker, fine.
I would just suggest that you not take it for granted that you are, but actually prove it one way or another in direct experience.

Pause thought for a moment and see what happens to “you.”