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Thursday, December 5, 2013

There is a difference between a talk and talking.

A talk is scripted by the mind, centred on the fundamental intention to fill an absence.

This is felt as something like,
"Is this good enough yet?
Will they love me for this finally?"
This feeling is the gravity between personalities, the actor and the audience orbiting the same desire to be ultimately loved, which is like being ultimately happy.

The intention of a talk is to say something, though.

Talking, on the other hand, can be spontaneous. It is possible to meet at the edge of knowing what will be said and to remain curiously disinterested throughout.
To be still and silent enough so the stillness and silence can say something. It is the direct opposite in sensation to the feeling of filling an absence or trying to learn something new to know.
It is the sense of being absently present to nothing much at all.

Each mind-body is set on course, not independent of consciousness; merely an apparition of potential for something to have occurred maybe likes this.
This one goes to that talk. This one goes to this talk. That goes over there. This one goes over here. It's all set, like dominoes.

Everything is just the way it is and that way is filtered through each mind-body. The silt is not the water, the water is not the light, and the light is not the source.
Seek the source until the source is doubtless.

The mind-body seeks dependent happiness. Toys and objects, playthings, tasks, goals, measures...the things needed for the things to have happened like this script we wrote about it.

When we grow tired of this, we seek the source.
Only the source.
Nothing else.

We go into the nature of that we are directly.
We forget the universe.
We forget pain.
We forget pleasure.
We forget who gets to go with us.
We forget being loved.
We focus on nothing but the source of all that we have ever known. The source of all that we can possibly be.
Nothing else matters.
Only This.
Trust the memory we have of being independently happy and trust the silence.

Seek the source until the source is doubtless.