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Monday, October 13, 2014

When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside me. Rumi

Not every dangerous person is loud and threatening. 
In fact, as a rule, those who are the loudest and most obnoxious are usually not the ones that you have to worry about. 
They are merely blowhard that want everyone to think that they are tough, all bark and no bite so to speak. 
These people are like the barking little dog, protected by a fence, who constantly barks at the large, silent dog walking down the side walk. 
The little dog barks every day, but quickly has a change of heart (and bark) when it finds that the front gate has been left open and the big, silent dog steps inside.
On the other hand, the silent introvert, who has no interest in being the centre of attention, many times has thunder hidden inside.
 Introverts are not shy and meekly, as many seem to think. They sit quietly, listening and thinking because that is who they are. 
They are calm, quiet, and thoughtful people, but none of that means that they can't handle themselves. 
While the blowhard is running the mouth, the introvert is listening and preparing for what may happen. This is just the way he is, but it has many advantages.
Those around do not know what he is thinking, or what his next move may be. While the blowhard announces to the world what he is "going to do," the introvert doesn't announce his plans, he simply acts when he is ready to act. 
Never take the quiet person for granted. It is a mistake to take his silence as shyness or weakness. It is a mistake to think that he can't or won't defend himself.
Is this all theory or opinion? 
Not at all. 
I am an introvert. 
I am very quiet. But it would be a bad mistake to think that I can't or won't defend myself. 
I learn much more by being quiet and listening, instead of constantly trying to talk over others to add my two cents to every conversation. 
While I am sitting quietly, I am not only listening to the conversation, but I am also watching what is happening, with the people in the conversation, and around the room, something that others are oblivious to as they babble on and on. 
And yes, when I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside me, ready to respond to my command at any time. 
It is a mistake to disregard the silent person's intelligence, attention, or skills.