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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Can the deepest acceptance of life be found NOW? - that is the only question.

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/ \ Respond;

This moment is already accepted as it is. 
The thoughts, sensations, feelings, sounds, appearing now, have already been allowed in. 

All that's left is to gently, simply, effortlessly notice that these thoughts, sensations, feelings, are already appearing. 
They are already 'in'. 
On the deepest level, what you are has already said YES to what's appearing, otherwise this moment wouldn't be appearing as it is. 
The deepest acceptance is already here and it's not 'personal'. 

The discovery of deep acceptance - this is life's constant invitation, whether you see yourself as a seeker, a teacher, awakened or unawakened; whether you still believe in separation or do not, whether you believe you are someone or no-one. It goes beyond all belief.

The only question is, are you suffering in this moment? 

If so, it's a clear invitation to deeply accept what is not presently being accepted. In other words, stop trying to accept, and notice what is already accepted in this moment. 
Acknowledge what is already here. And notice that what is already here, is already allowed to be here.  Even your apparent deficiency is totally embraced by life. 
Even your failings are loved beyond words. 
Yes, life can be that simple.

 This is the end of war. The end of rejection of your own experience in pursuit of a second-hand image of life. 
The end of comparison.

Yes, who cares if you 'woke up' yesterday? 
Who cares if you see yourself as a teacher, or you've written a book or see yourself as 'beyond ego'? 
Who cares if you found deep acceptance this morning? 
Who cares about your enlightenment story from last year? 

Those are all memories in this moment, all stale images. The invitation burns that entire up - and points you back HERE.

Each moment is an invitation to deeply accept present experience, however uncomfortable it is. Otherwise, we reach out for a 'fix' - cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, sex, whatever it is, to take away the discomfort and pain of this moment.

The invitation is to sit with discomfort, without expectation - and to find deep acceptance in the most uncomfortable of places.