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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The word "crisis" does not actually mean "disaster", but "turning point". Let us turn towards disillusionment, and hear its deeper call.

When you are young, it is tempting to think that you have all the answers.

Then you grow, and you suffer, and bit by bit, life chisels away at your defence mechanisms, and your certainties, and you start to doubt everything you once were sure of. 

Faced with the impermanence of things, you may even reach a point of total disillusionment - with yourself, with the world, with your belief systems, with your relationships, with your career, with everything you once took for granted.

This dis-illusionment, this breaking down of illusions, can lead either to a lifetime of depression, fear and a bitter shutting-off from life, or - when listened to - it can become a portal to liberation, to the letting go of the false, and the discovery of the truth of who we really are.

I love it when people come to me in "crisis", totally dis-illusioned with their lives. I always see it as a new beginning for them, an invitation to a life beyond illusions, to a life of deep rest and true connection. I meet them exactly where they are.