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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The answer to any "what if" question is simple.

There isn't any.

How could I possibly know the details of any non-existent event? 
I don't even trust my memories to tell the truth, but I should somehow trust my imagination?
No thanks.
Hypothesis can range from entertaining to educating, but taking it seriously feels like madness.
I have a very simple answer to any what if questions that trouble me....
"Deal with it!"
I hardly would find it wise to take artistic expression as literal truth. I'm not saying it's a waste of time to explore possibilities, as long as I don't believe they're anything more than hypothetical.
The value in artistic expression, for me, is not a literal belief in my imagination and symbolism, but in the experience of expression.
Memory is fascinating. I have some beautiful still shot memories that conjure all kinds of feeling. Neuronal imprints of lasting impression.
Spending time with you brings fun pictures and impressions too. Thanks for chiming in. It's always welcome.
"Sentence literally drawn this way, sentence literally drawn this way".
Perceptual exactness multiplied by nervous system-contextual interpretations of-meaning.
I see it as it is and I see each 'as it is changes'.

What I cannot see is what any other meat camera may be recording live. Etchings, dances and songs seem to be all I get to work with when it comes to what a 'you' could be.

Second I hit post these sentences = final buzzer shots hanging in the air above half-court.
'It seems to me'...